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As a professional athlete it's important to always look your best

As a professional athlete it's important to always look your best. When I started noticing my hair beginning to thin and fall out I panicked and began to lose my self confidence and self esteem. I couldn't imagine wearing a hat the rest of my life, so I looked into what type of options I had out there.

In my search I came upon Dr. Ken Anderson a specialist in the field of hair restoration. I made an appointment, went to his office and consulted with him and his staff about the options I had. Dr. Anderson and his team were truly the most knowledgeable people I had ever talked to about my issue. I knew my problem was going to continue if I didn't make the decision to act soon and address the problem.

Most people wait until most of their hair is gone before they decide to address it, I wanted to address it right away after speaking to Dr. Anderson.

I made the appointment to get started in 3 weeks and all I can say is, it was a life changing decision. Being a professional athlete takes skill and great hands, Dr. Anderson has that skill and great hands in his profession which is why I would never ever consider anyone other than Dr. Anderson to deal with hair loss.

When it comes to hair restoration, if your like me, you want the best The Anderson Center for Hair.

Today I could not be happier with the results, everything we discussed was exactly as he said. I look better, feel better, but more importantly I have my hair back, don't wait, that's the best advice I can give you...


—Kurt Walker

Just couldn't do the bald thing

Three words that describe Dr. Anderson? Knowledgeable, professional, and COOL. Knowledgeable-Knows and describes the procedure and what to expect. Answered any and every question we threw at him, especially the wife. And she threw a LOT. Professional-We were on time, he and the staff were on time, and we got started right away with the procedure. I appreciate the fact that there was no time wasted. Cool-Dr. Anderson has that type of personality that makes you feel at ease.

In addition to discussing the procedure, we discovered that we had a lot of middle age issues in common. That helped, because he understood and could relate to what I was trying to do. Dr. Anderson is a great person to work with, and he has an awesome staff as well. If you're thinning or balding, make an appointment and have him talk to you. If nothing else, you will walk away, considering the option of hair replacement. I did.

As an African-American man, it is now the norm within our culture that when we start thinning or start going bald, we generally go ahead and accept it, especially with pressure from our peers, who always say, "Oh, just go ahead and cut it all off." I was thinning in the front, but just couldn't accept cutting it all off, which is why I did this procedure for my 45th birthday. I had been totally bald before, that was when I pledged my fraternity, and in the end, I looked like an ostrich. You have to have the right type of head to rock a bald dome, and I don't have one of those, sorry. Anyway, this procedure turned out to be one of the best things I ever did, and surely one of the best birthday presents I ever gave to myself.

Before, I was skeptical, because I had heard about and seen the horror stories about African American men and hair replacement (leaving a scar around the donor area and having to grow hair out at least one inch like it was the Sixties and Seventies all over again. Who does that in 2015?). Even during the consultation, my doctor gave me fair warning about the ARTAS hair procedure, stating that it might not work, based on the curvature of the hair follicle under the skin. The ARTAS is designed to pull straight roots out, and is still in the experimental stage. There are still some calibrations to work out in order to service everyone.

Now I'm 45, hair just started thinning in the front at 41, so I figured I had nothing to lose. After all, if it DIDN'T work, the next best thing that was suggested was the other procedure which left the scar (I wasn't having that). I was also told that I would be only the second African American man in the office that my doctor would have used the ARTAS robotic procedure on , which made me a pioneer. And if it worked…then I could share my success story and possibly inspire others to try it. Not just African American men, but EVERYBODY. He shared with me the entire procedure, including pre- and post-operative events. He also told me to decide with my wife what we wanted to do before we came back; that is, do the second procedure that left the scar if the ARTAS didn't work, or walk away from it all. We decided to walk away if it DIDN'T work.

But it DID!!

We went in the next day for the procedure, the team took a small graft of hairs from an experimental spot, and the excision began in order to see if it would work. The ideal maximum number of grafts needed with the procedure was 90, but we only needed a minimum of 50 to proceed. We got 74, so I was good. From that point, we worked until we got 574 grafts (being that my area was small, I only needed 500), so that was GREAT! After the excisions, the grafts were put in the recipient area and I was on my way.

Following up, I am now on Day 9, post-operative. The office provided instructions on what to do and expect , including taking antibiotics, anticipated swelling, and having to sleep upright at a 45 degree angle for three days after, so that the grafts would take (grafts are held in place by tiny blood clots) to the recipient area. So far, I have had no problems, and have experienced very little pain. As far as the recipient area, hair does seem to be growing, so I AM EXCITED! Would I recommend this procedure? YES, DEFINITELY. I would especially extend the ARTAS robotic procedure to other African American men as a choice that yes, even though you may be thinning or going bald, with this procedure (and a little bit of funding), you CAN do something about it. And the best part about it? Being worry-free about leaving a scar. Again…BEST…BIRTHDAY…GIFT…EVER.


Middle Age Balding - Altanta, GA

Dr Anderson insists on personal involvement with every step of the transplant procedure. He is a phenomenal surgeon and I highly recommend him.

I am a physician in Georgia and did not like how my hair loss was going. I investigated different options and felt the ARTAS system was the route I wanted to go. I met with Dr Ken Anderson and knew this was the surgeon I was going to use. His office staff is superb. Everyone is knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly. They return phone calls promptly and answered every question imaginable that I threw at them. Dr Anderson takes his time to perform the procedure correctly. He clearly goes above and beyond to make sure the transplant is successful and his aftercare instructions are thorough and meticulous. I have been extremely pleased with my decision to have this procedure and specifically with the outstanding care from Dr Anderson and his team. I felt like I had a friend helping me every step of the way through the procedure, from the initial consult, to selecting a date, to the procedure, and now with the aftercare. There is no other choice for hair restoration - Dr Anderson is phenomenal.


My Experience with Dr. Ken Anderson, Atlanta, GA

So I finally got my hair transplant done by Dr. Ken Anderson in Atlanta, GA in July 2011. I’d been pondering it, reading about it, researching doctors for over 4 years but only now got the courage to do it.

As always, reading/researching/talking about this stuff still doesn’t completely prepare you for the details of the procedure and post-op experience.

Some background: I visited various hair transplantation facilities around the Atlanta area. They are:
1) Medical Hair Restoration (MHR) in Buckhead
2) Dr. Edmund Griffin near Dunwoody/Sandy Springs area
3) Bosley in Buckhead
4) Dr. Ken Anderson who when I consulted with him was with Emory Healthcare in Dunwoody/Sandy Springs area area
5) Spoke on the phone with Dr. Cole’s staff (they are based in Alpharetta, GA)
6) NuHart near I-75/Howell Mill Rd area
7) Neograft / Follicle Transplantation Group, again in Sandy Springs area

Of the lot Bosley and MHR both seemed to have super-slick offices. But something about their atmosphere turned me off.

I didn’t like Dr. Cole because I think he wanted to charge me to even have a consultation and he has (had) a pushy sales guy that I didn’t like.
NuHart seemed a little like a fly-by-night operation with their sparse furnishing. And of course, no doctor I could actually meet with. Only an agent. Same for Neograft.

Dr. Griffin’s facility looked great. I spent most time speaking with a consultant but toward the end Dr. Griffin came and spoke as well and looked over my hairline and pix. That’s a good sign. They were a little presumptive in giving me free samples of an anti-dandruff shampoo that they said I need to use before I come in for the surgery.

Dr. Anderson I liked a lot because it was him i met all the way – he showed me around and spoke of his artistic training and how he combines that to create natural looking hairlines. He also took the pix himself and then sent me an email with his recommendation and prices for strip and FUE procedures.

I felt most comfortable with Dr. Anderson because of his non-assembly line, boutique like operation, and personal attention. And the fact that at the time he was part of Emory Healthcare. Though not sure if that means much but since I went to Emory as well, I’ve got a thing for that

So after much pondering, I finally went and booked an appointment with Dr. Anderson. He has now moved to the Marietta area. A bit of a drive for me but luckily a friend of mine who works in that vicinity offered to drive me there and back.

Financing – got in touch with CareCredit who gave me the necessary credit to pay for the operation so I can pay off over monthly installments with 0% interest for first 6 months.

Before the procedure I was asked to wash my hair for 7 days with anti-dandruff shampoo, avoid alcohol for 4 days before procedure, stop any herbal supplements and also purchase some prescription medication that I would need post-op. I was worried about this unexpected new stuff I would have to pay for but luckily turned about very inexpensive stuff – basically antibiotics, painkillers etc. But you do need a ride to the facility and back. Basically back home since you will be drugged and feeling a little woozy/out-of-it after the procedure. So that’s something you have to plan for. Also you have to pay 20% when you book the date. I was also told to not wear a t-shirt or anything I will have to go over my head to take off or wear again. But undershirt is fine.

So with all the prep done I went to the facility on the day of the procedure. I was nervous but also kind of accepted it as something I wanted to do and so would just do it. I got there a little early. Then the staff and doc came. I went in, did some paperwork, got the remainder 80% of the payment processed. Met the doc, he gave me one of the pills I bought to swallow and then we went to the prep room Here he took more pictures himself and talked about the what to expect during the procedure. He assured me that he would do the anesthetizing, strip removal, the hairline design and graft incisions – basically all the tasks that require decision making. His two assistants would only assist him with the procedure, ie, holding a gauze, passing instruments etc and of course, creating the grafts once the strip was removed.

Then I took off my button down shirt, rippled my muscles and sat into the chair that looks very much like a dentist chair. There was a window in front of me – could some idyllic looking houses and shrubbery. Also a flat screen monitor up ahead but was told I was not going to watch anything since I would be too woozy from all the medication during the procedure, though still able to move and respond.There was some music being piped in over the speakers from the doc’s ipod though.

They put a protective bib like thing around my neck. The assistants also kept their microscopes ready. Then the doc trimmed the hair from the region where they would extract the strip. The strip is not like a smiley face exactly at the back of the head. It starts from the middle of the back of the head and goes to the top of one of the ears. There are two reasons for this: 1) The hairline needs finer hair for the very front rows. That can be found only above the ear not at the back. 2) if more procedures need to be done, you have the entire other side to extract a strip from. (Now I understand Aamir Khan’s Ghajini strip on his head – that’s a Bollywood reference for those who don’t get it. I’m Indian.).

After the hair trimming, the doc put some local anesthetic via a syringe at uniformly distributed points around the strip area. Then some valium and antibiotic pills. Then as the pills and anesthetic begin to take effect, he drew the hairline he was going to create. Then it was to the back of the head. I could feel him slicing away at flesh but of course was completely numb. I floated in and out of consciousness. When that was over, the technicians extracted grafts from that precious strip of my scalp. The doc meanwhile bandaged the hell out of the donor area. They asked me what I wanted to eat for lunch – and put some deli menu in front of me. Glutton that I am, I still ordered a big sandwich and then promptly zoned out.

Sometime later the grafts were ready and it was time to move to the front of the head. The doc had also created all the exact incisions where the hairs had to be inserted. The technicians did the actual inserting. I was of course still groggy. When they finally said it’s over, and ahead of schedule that too, I couldn’t believe it happened so fast. I entered the op room at around 9:30 and was out by 1:30. I was still okay enough to be able to stand on my own. I put on my shirt. The doc asked me to buy some Hydrogen Peroxide to clean the blood of my undershirt and the collar of my shirt. What??? I guess I forgot – it is still a surgical procedure! Good thing I couldn’t see what was happening in the back of my head. Still blood…..

Anyway at the end of the procedure, I got a band of bandage around my head, my forehead was exposed and had read dots with little slivers of hair sticking out. Doc walked with me to the post-op room where he went over all the things I had to do. Of course, I didn’t remember all of it but the printed instructions were very detailed. I took a look at myself in the nearby mirror and declared I won’t step out without a cap. He gave me surgeon’s cap that sits high above the scalp. I put it on and voila, ready to step out.

And that’s it!

I told the doc that my friend can’t pick me up at at least until 4 PM. He said no problem. I could stay and wait. Then I demanded I be given my lunch sandwich which he promptly gave me with some bottles of water. I was mostly back, gladly didn’t feel any pain. I read a book that I thoughtfully brought along (Princess by Jean Sasson) and read and eat. Then my friend picked me up and we headed home. Of course, as luck would have it, my friend’s car broke down on the way home (a nice Audi sedan that too) and we had to wait in the heat for close to an hour for the AAA tow truck. By that time, I had two small dots of blood blotting the front of my surgeon’s cap. But nothing serious. Expected from the grafting process.

Since then I followed all the procedures meticulously, stayed home as much as possible, watched a lot of Seinfeld. Took some pix to track progress and to remind myself of how this process really is esp the face bloat and bruise – didn’t expect that. Now I know what I would look like after getting my ass (lightly) kicked in a boxing match

But I’m glad I did this and thankful that it turned out alright, so far.

I’ll add some key learnings/surprise facts, post-op quality of service and some pix as well shortly.

40 Yr Old Needing Improvement - Atlanta, GA

Dr Anderson was great. I don't think it's possible for him to make you feel anymore comfortable while still exemplifying professionalism and expertise. He's just an all around easy guy to deal with and it definitely helps in the overall positiveness of the procedure.

Dr Anderson and staff were great. From the consulate to the procedure. They were on top of all questions with answers. They laid them out in layman's terms and while all the time professional, they were also very friendly, approachable and easy going. Never did I feel lead on or forced. The team on the procedure day were all about you with follow up the very next day making sure you were taken care of and on schedule for recovery. Going forward I have complete confidence that all concerns and issues (should they arise) will be handled immediately. Rarely outside of my circle of friends do I recommend anyone, but is this case I think it's warranted. I would certainly suggest giving them a call if you have ever wanted back the piece of mind that is a full head of hair.

47 Yr. Old Female with Hereditary Hair Loss

FUT Procedure

I recently opted to work with Dr. Anderson and his team to address progressive thinning of my hair in the front and top of my head. This pattern of female hair loss runs in my family, and I have tried every method imaginable to address the issue with little or no results.

I had actually considered transplant procedures a number of times over the years, but I had always talked myself out of it, thinking that the pain, risks, downtime from work, etc. would be difficult to justify. I could not have been more wrong! The procedure itself was actually pretty straightforward. And aside from taking one sedative the day of the procedure, I’ve had to take no pain medications at all other than Aleve. I’m now on day 7 post surgery, and I have very few residual signs of the procedure at this point. I couldn’t be more pleased.

I considered a number of doctors for the procedure and opted to go with Dr. Anderson for the following reasons:

(1) Low Pressure Approach: Dr. Anderson and Sara (Patient Care Manager) took a lot of time to explain all options for my hair loss (both surgical and non-surgical) and the considerations from a cost, time and complexity standpoint. I never felt like I was getting a “sales pitch” or pressured, and they were extremely professional in all of their follow up to the consultation.

(2) Small Practice: Dr. Anderson does one surgery per day, so I knew that I would be getting his undivided attention as compared to some of the larger practices that feel like factories with assembly lines.

(3) He’s a Plastic Surgeon: This was incredibly important to me in my evaluation of doctors. None of the other doctors that I considered were board certified plastic surgeons, and when you are having surgery that impacts your appearance, working with a doctor who specializes in aesthetic and cosmetic procedures (in my opinion) is a must.

I can’t say enough nice things about my experience with Dr. Anderson and his team, and I highly, highly recommend their practice.


I am a 45 year old male with thinning hair from the crown to the front of my head.

This is my second procedure with Dr. Anderson. 

The 1st was in 2006, and that was more of a preventive procedure. At the time of the 1st procedure Dr. Anderson indicated that I would need approximately 1200-1500 grafts. During the procedure, he noted that hair loss was not as severe as he initially thought and he chose to implant 700-900. Imagine my surprise when the following week I received a call by Dr Anderson to tell me he would refund a portion of the $7,000 that I spent to engage him for the procedure. A week later I received a check for around $3,000. Trust factor established.

The procedure itself was not painful and closely monitored by multiple medical professionals (i.e nurses, etc..) Over the next 12 months I was very happy to note that the areas which were transplanted came in just as expected. Then over the next 8 years I basically did nothing. I suspect I could have prevented some hair loss, but I got lazy. This time we went with 2500 grafts and the procedure was just as smooth. Its been 2 weeks since the procedure and I can already tell that the transplant areas are much more dense. It should also be noted that the scarring was minimal the 1st time and I have no reason to think this time will be any different. I suspect the Doctors training as an actual plastic surgeon was helpful. As I understand it there are very few hair transplant doctors in the Atlanta area that are actually plastic surgeons. I was surprised to learn this. I would emphasize that my experience was honestly… very, very good. Do your homework, but make sure you throw Doc Anderson in the mix. Hes a good one.

The process was smooth and the Doctor as well as the technicians were very professional.

I received my second hair transplant in June of 2014. I was displeased with my constant fussing about my hair as I lost quite a bit in the front and top. At 46, divorced and many happy years ahead of me, I decided to do something for myself, my confidence and my looks. Positive thoughts lead to positive outcomes and that’s what I wanted for years. Now that I am looking forward with optimism and assertiveness, things are just getting better and better for me. I highly recommend Dr. Ken Anderson. I can’t wait until all the hairs we transplanted start to grow and remain permanent!

Dr. Anderson and his staff were not only professional but friendly and even a little Jovial.

I actually enjoyed my day in his office. I was there from 7:30am until 4:30pm. Dr Anderson will even give you a nice brief history of hair transplant and how things have evolved over time. It also became clear in talking to him that not all doctors doing hair transplant are the same. In fact, there is no specific board certification in the field, so there is truly a “buyer beware” environment out there. Do your research. There are even some transplant surgeons who’s background is in family practice (ie, no surgical training whatsoever). Dr. Anderson is trained in facial plastic surgery. I give him an A+ rating.

I started losing my hair at age 30. At first I thought it was a fluke, possibly related to something I was doing.. using the wrong shampoo, retin-a getting on my scalp etc.. Within a few months I realized I was experiencing typical male pattern baldness. I wasn’t the type to do a combover so I began cutting my hair shorter to accommodate. Before long I dropped recognizing the person I saw in the mirror. I looked so much older than I felt. That’s when I started researching my options. I tried every medication available but the results were disappointing and I gave up on them. I began to research surgical options. As a physician myself I knew I had to do my homework. After months of research I decided to visit Dr Anderson. He was 400 miles from where I lived but I thought his credentials were outstanding. His background in art, especially medical art helped me realize that I found the right surgeon.

I saw Dr. Anderson and within 10 minutes I knew he was the right surgeon to help me. He told me I would need 2 procedures to achieve the result I was looking for. The hair transplant procedure was easier than going to the dentist, although quite a bit longer (I was there about 11 hours). After the first procedure my hair slowly grew in over 6 months (the slow progress made it less obvious that I had a procedure) and by a year the results were excellent. I decided to have the second procedure to increase the density along my part line, even though my friends and family didn’t think I needed it.

I just had the second procedure yesterday. I would say my experience was almost painless (the only minor discomfort I experienced was with the initial injection of local anesthetic). A few hours later I had a mild headache buy this was easily controlled with two doses of Tylenol #3. This morning I have no pain and minimal swelling (I had a little more swelling the first time but gone by day 4 at which time I attended a Christmas eve party…nobody noticed a thing). I will post some pictures when I get home and when the second procedure shows its full effect. I couldn’t be happier. The results are so natural that my colleagues at work can’t figure out what I did. They assume I’m on a medication for hair loss. The signs of surgery are gone within 5-7 days and the growth of the new follicles is gradual. I couldn’t be happier.

Dr Anderson and his staff are the best of the best.

My expectations were exceeded from the initial consultation to the final result. Dr Anderson and his staff listened to my concerns, outlined a solution that would work for me, and delivered exactly what they said they would do. I recommend Dr Anderson and his expert staff to anyone who is looking for a completely amazing and natural looking restoration procedure.

If your considering a Hair Transplant – do yourself a favor and at least go consult with Dr. Anderson.

Only consult with him after you have gone to the big commercial types though – then you will see what I am talking about.

I was loosing hair in the front (eddie munster style) by my temple areas and back – I consulted with many Dr.’s before choosing Dr. Anderson – mainly choose him because he took the time to answer all questions but mainly put the most confidence in his techniques and procedure to assure me I would get the results I was looking for. Thanks Dr. Anderson. – 10 years younger.

My procedure was performed by Dr. Ken Anderson. From beginning to end he and his staff were complete professionals.

Ken is a Doctor that I would best describe as from the “old school” of medicine in which the patient-doctor relationship is as important as the procedure itself.

I am a 52 year old male. I have had gradual hair loss since my late 30’s, becoming most noticeable in my early 50’s on the back of my head. I don’t believe anyone really noticed but me, as it was seldom mentioned, however when I occasionally caught a glimpse of the rear of my scalp it greatly bothered me. After discussion with my wife we determined that if the procedure pleased only me and boosted my self confidence, it was worth it. Having seen poor hair transplants in the past I was very leery of the procedure as I did not want that scar line in the back of my head where the donor hair is removed from. While researching hair transplant procedures I came upon Dr Anderson and his ARTAS method. Finally I felt technology had caught up with a hair transplant method I felt looked natural and I also felt comfortable with.

My procedure was performed by Dr. Ken Anderson. From beginning to end he and his staff were complete professionals. Ken is a Doctor that I would best describe as from the “old school” of medicine in which the patient-doctor relationship is as important as the procedure itself. During my initial consultation Dr. Anderson insisted that he personally meet with me for over and hour and completely explain the procedure, answer all questions and ensure I understood all that is involved in the ARTAS method of hair restoration. On the day of my procedure he and his staff greeted me, made me welcome and comfortable, respected my privacy, made me extremely comfortable and again explained in detail everything that was to occur before anything was performed. Dr Anderson makes it a practice to perform only one hair restoration a day so I received the full attention of him and his staff. Ken and his staff create a atmosphere of caring, great music, conversation and even laughter as the procedure is preformed. Bottom line, he and his staff care about their patients, enjoy their work, and it shows in all they do. I just revived my procedure three days ago and I have had very little pain, hardly any bleeding, and the healing process is going faster than I expected. I am so looking forward to see how my newly transplanted hair grows in!

I Had an Awesome Experience

I have researched a lot about hair transplant procedures....I found Dr.Anderson credential very appealing....My procedure went very smooth...I had an awesome experience...Dr.Anderson is very friendly and professional...The staff are awesome....Overall I highly recommend Dr.Anderson for hair restoration procedure!!

The procedure was a lot better than I had anticipated plus Dr. Anderson is super friendly and keeps you laughing a lot as well. He is very knowledgeable and passionate about what he does so I was at ease with my questions or concerns.

I had lost a good bit of my frontal hair 10 years ago and I also wanted to cover a new scar from a hairline advancement surgery as well. It has been a little over 3 months and I have tons of new hairs growing in and you can hardly see my scar that I wanted to cover up and the back healed really nicely.

Linear Strip Procedure

I had the linear strip procedure performed because it was the best option for my needs. I have light skin and fine hair so a visible scar is a concern. After extensive research and consultations I chose Dr. Anderson because of his surgical experience and training. He was very personable, knowledgeable, and is attentive to details. His staff was professional and helpful. But the deciding factor for me was the fact that if I was going to have someone cut into my scalp, I wanted that person to have been trained specifically in cosmetic surgery. Dr. Anderson was the only trained cosmetic surgeon I found in the Atlanta area who focused on hair transplant. The surgery went very well. I was comfortable, it was pain free, Dr. Anderson explained each step as he went, and the staff was extremely friendly and knowledgeable. Recovery, as of one week from surgery, has been a breeze. No pain and minimal swelling. I’m not sure what more I could ask for. I highly recommend Dr. Anderson and his team.

After a lot of research and interviews I decided to go with Dr. Anderson in Atlanta.

I began my search for hair restoration surgery a couple of years ago when a friend of mine who was also a Physicians Assistant let it slip that he had underwent the surgery a few years back. He used the traditional FUT strip procedure and although his hair looked very full and natural, he was stuck with a scar in the back, which left him unable to keep it short on the sides and in the back. After a lot of research and interviews I decided to go with Dr. Anderson in Atlanta.

During my consultation he listened to all my concerns, answered all my questions and made it clear that he was a cut above the rest of the surgeons that I had previously interviewed. Dr. Anderson’s assistant Sara was a wealth of knowledge and took the time to address any and all questions I came up with prior to and after the surgery. She was always available by phone or email to guide me through the entire process. She also seemed to really care about my individual procedure and did everything necessary to assure that it was a total success. During my procedure Dr. Anderson showed superior bedside manner, as did his surgical assistants. Dr. Anderson and his team talked me through the whole experience.

I’m not sure if I was lucky or his team has the magic touch, but I felt almost no pain. I would compare my procedure to a regular dental cleaning. In fact, I’ve definitely had dentist appointments that hurt a lot worse!

After the procedure, I took off about 5 days then went back to work. The swelling was unnoticeable and I was able to do my daily activities without any issues. I’m now 3 weeks post surgery and back to my normal routine, which includes working out and traveling regularly. Everything that Sara and Dr. Anderson said would take place prior to, during and after my procedure has happened exactly as planned. I will update this post in 5 months as to my actual new hair growth, however, if my experience with Dr. Anderson’s clinic is any indication of the results to come, I’m sure I will be more than satisfied.

Dr. Anderson was very kind and compassionate.

He was very professional and put me at ease throughout the entire procedure. I found his technique to be far superior to any of the other 5 physicians I visited.

I am a 48 year-old physician who had a prior procedure at a different facility in Atlanta. This time I chose Dr. Anderson’s clinic and the experience ,by far, exceeded all of my expectations. He and his staff were very professional and accommodating. I would highly recommend him to all of those interested in pursuing hair restoration.

I turned to Doctor Ken Anderson in Atlanta for help.

When I was in my mid twenties I had a hair transplant done by the old punch and plug method. I had large plugs of hair removed from the rear of my head and placed in my forehead. At the time, this was the accepted method of hair replacement, but the results were horrible. The physician I had do the work placed the plugs in different directions, unevenly spaced them, and my hairline looked completely unnatural. To make matters worse, over 50% of the grafts didn’t take. This left me with a large donor area without hair, and large plug scars on my forehead. I wound up wearing a hairpiece to cover my embarrassment. Over 30 years later I decided if I could fix the scarring I would be much happier going natural and not deal with a hairpiece any more. I found a physician in New York that specialized in transplant repair. He convinced me he would be able to cut out the plug grafts on my forehead and close them, and with a laser resurfacing treatment the plugs would be hardly noticeable. It worked. However, the graft removal in the donor area caused the hair to be more thin than when I started.

Deeply disappointed, I turned to Doctor Ken Anderson in Atlanta for help. In my initial consultation I was impressed with the friendliness of the office staff and the offices themselves… a state of the art facility. I was taken on a tour of the offices and the procedure rooms, including the robot room where Dr. Anderson does his incredible work. I was able to speak with Dr. Anderson directly and he gave me frank and honest feedback as to what he could and couldn’t do, which I appreciated greatly. He explained the reasons why my last procedure with the previous physician wasn’t as successful as I was led to believe (adding more scar tissue on top of scar tissue doesn’t promote hair growth) and gave me real options for improving my appearance. I decided to proceed with a FUE procedure with Dr Anderson, in which grafts where taken from productive donor areas from behind my head and placed in the thin spots that needed it so desperately.

The day of the procedure, everything went as it was described to me. I got right in to the office, the whole staff was there ready to go. Everyone was concerned about my comfort and well being. The anesthesia in the scalp was a piece of cake. When the ARTAS robot did its work, I felt nothing. I found it hard to believe that in a few minutes time the robot removed over 300 perfect grafts from my head. Dr Anderson carefully positioned each on of the new grafts working quickly and methodically. In a few hours, I was on my way back home with a new spirit of optimism that I would finally be happy with my appearance. I am very thankful that I found Dr. Anderson and his staff. I highly recommend him for anyone considering a repair procedure.

Dr. Anderson explained the entire history of hair transplantation to me in a way that helped me understand how the technology has arrived where it is today.

He and his staff were not only cordial but chatty and I felt very comfortable.

I started losing my hair at age 30. At first I thought it was a fluke, possibly related to something I was doing…using the wrong shampoo, Retin-A getting on my scalp etc.. Within a few months I realized I was experiencing typical male pattern baldness. I wasn’t the type to do a comb-over so I began cutting my hair shorter to accommodate. Before long I stopped recognizing the person I saw in the mirror. I looked so much older than I felt. That’s when I started researching my options. I tried every medication available but the results were disappointing and I gave up on them. I began to research surgical options. As a physician myself I knew I had to do my homework. After months of research I decided to visit Dr. Ken Anderson. He was 400 miles from where I lived but I thought his credentials were outstanding. His background in art, especially medical illustration, helped me realize that I found the right surgeon. He told me I would need 2 procedures to achieve the result I was looking for. After the first procedure my hair slowly grew in over 6 months and by a year the results were excellent.

I decided to have the second procedure to increase the density along my part line, even though my friends and family didn’t think I needed it. I just had the second procedure 6 days ago. I would say my experience was almost painless (the only minor discomfort I experienced was with the initial injection of local anesthetic). A few hours later I had a mild headache buy this was easily controlled with two doses of Tylenol #3. The next morning I have no pain and minimal swelling. I did have mild swelling around the eyes on days 3 and 4 after both procedures but not significant enough to prevent regular activities (we went to a Christmas eve party for example and nobody noticed). I will post some more pictures when the second procedure shows its full effect. So far, I couldn’t be happier. The signs of surgery are gone within 5-7 days and the growth of the new follicles is gradual. The results are so natural that my colleagues at work can’t figure out what I did. They assume I’m on medication for hair loss.


Dr. Ken is an exceptional surgeon.

Dr. Ken is an exceptional surgeon. So good in fact that the surgeon who removed my stitches in Hong Kong after my procedure said “You must have paid a ton for this procedure, the surgeon did a fantastic job.

I am 38 years old and living in Hong Kong. I decided it was time to seek help with my hair loss after my wife shared her concerns with the speed of my hairline recession and scalp visibility. I visited my local physician and she prescribed Propecia and Rogaine. I started on both, but found through research that given my age, this was not likely to reverse the hair loss I’d already experienced; rather, it would slow the additional loss. As such, I decided to undergo hair restoration surgery to try to regain some of my frontal hairline as well as to thicken the hair on my scalp.

I am from the U.S. and so began researching surgeons in the States. I wanted a surgeon who was very knowledgeable, experienced in this specific field, and certified in plastic surgery – given I had heard that many doctors entered the field without proper experience or cosmetic surgery skills. I found Dr. Anderson through reviews and decided to meet him via Skype for a consultation. Firstly, I spoke with his staff and through two separate conversations found them to be really knowledgeable and professional. I then had a virtual consult with Dr. Ken and both me and my wife asked a lot of questions. He was awesome – really patient and enthusiastic about explaining the details of how hair grows and recedes – and how the different hair treatments work. I felt comfortable with going forward with surgery at Dr. Ken’s clinic and so, on my next visit home to the States, visited Atlanta for 4 days to undergo the surgery.

From the time I arrived at Dr. Ken’s clinic until know – two months later – the experience has been excellent. The clinic is in a nice neighborhood outside Atlanta. Its very comfortable – well done with a with a cool sports-car theme – even the surgery chair is designed to look like the passenger seat in a Porsche. The staff is great – really warm and patient. Dr. Ken met me at 7 am when I arrived and took me through the whole procedure. I’m not a big fan of surgery, so he was cool with explaining things a few times just so I knew how the day would go. When we started, Dr. Ken popped on the iPod and allowed me to choose the station – it was very casual throughout the process.

Surprisingly, I didn’t feel a thing for most of it, despite fairly significant surgical work going on. I was sedated well but still able to laugh at some of Dr. Ken’s humor. The nurses were also really nice and helpful whenever I needed something. Lunch was bought in at ‘half-time’ and then we were done by 4 pm.

Recovery took a few days. Sleeping in a reclined position was hard for me, but after a few days, I was able to go back to normal sleep. Within a week, I looked normal and was back to work. It has been 6 weeks since the procedure and I feel great. My hair grafts are already starting to grow in. My stitches came out very easily and the “donor area” – the only place where there is a visible scar – is healing quickly and looks as though it will be fully clear within a month.

Great experience and I would strongly recommend Dr. Ken and team.

Very satisfied with the experience.

I was very satisfied with the experience. Dr. Anderson was both knowledgeable and personable. The staff was proficient and made every effort to make me feel comfortable. Highly recommended to anyone who is considering the procedure. Aftercare instructions were thorough and easy to understand. Dr. Anderson made himself eminently available throughout the process.

Dr. Anderson was great. He answered all my questions before the procedure.

Dr. Anderson was great. He answered all my questions before the procedure. And performed the procedure with great care and precision . I didn't have hardly any pain or discomfort during the procedure or after. I would highly recommend Dr. Anderson to anyone.

I am only 10 days out since my procedure. So far I am very pleased with the results. I didn't experience hardly any pain, swelling or bruising. My transplant and donor areas are healing nicely. Everyone at Dr. Anderson's office was wonderful. They answered all my questions and took great care of me while I was there. It isn't cheap but I believe you get what you pay for. So far I am extremely happy and would highly recommend Dr. Anderson and his staff to anyone considering a hair transplant.

Dr. Anderson is a very cool, laid back, very friendly, and plain speaking guy

Dr. Anderson is a very cool, laid back, very friendly, and plain speaking guy… doesn’t mince words. He’s a true professional and very calculated, and I’d say damn good at his craft! I would also enjoy hanging out with him for a beer anytime!

It’s been 9 days since my ARTAS Robotic FUE procedure. I had 3,000 graphs done. It went exactly as they described it. They went way out of their way for me to get this done in the time frame I needed it… for which I was very thankful. The entire staff was very helpful, kind & professional throughout the whole process… I can’t say enough about every one of them!

The only pain I experienced was in the scalp numbing process, which was done by Dr. Anderson in a way that made it very tolerable. There was literally zero pain during the actual procedure. Since then I’ve experienced slight pain in the donor area, which I would describe as more annoying than painful, somewhat like a sunburn. I’ve had no pain to speak of in the recipient area. It’s so amazing to see all this hair now in the area that there’s been none for many years!

Being candid, it was more expensive than I was anticipating, but looking back now, with no stitches or scars, and with the manner in which this staff conducted my procedure, it was well worth it, and I would definitely do it all over again knowing everything I know now. You will not be disappointed with Dr. Anderson & his entire staff!

From one doctor to another... Thank you!

A little over a month ago I was in the middle of a hair restoration procedure. However, let me start from the beginning...

Last summer I became aware of what a large number of men in their early 40's notice. I began to see some hair thinning in my crown area. After a few months of denial, acceptance, more denial and saying to myself "you're just being vain", I began to really consider treatment options. As a physician, I dug into the gritty details of both surgical and nonsurgical options. Sure, the nonsurgical options appeared attractive for their obvious reasons and hair restoration surgery seemed a drastic measure. However, the scientific literature and reliable resources I read eventually led me to opt for surgery despite the "black mark" and stigma that surgical hair restoration has acquired over many years. In my opinion, this form of cosmetic surgery has wrongfully received this black eye especially in the hands of an experienced, accomplished and skilled surgeon who looks at this as not only a science but an art. This leads me to my choice of surgeons.

I went to two local hair restoration clinics in my city and was not really satisfied with their resume or options (one did only FUE and the other did both FUE and FUT but had limited FUT experience). Then I came across Dr. Ken Anderson at the Anderson Center for Hair in Atlanta, GA. I read about his background, training and experience and his love for the art of what he does. I met with Dr. Anderson at the consultation and could immediately tell that he was up front, honest and thorough with his answers to my questions. I was also impressed with his staff and their personal and professional attitudes. Two of his office staff even provided me with more scientific literature regarding FUT, PRP, and LLLT (which no other consulting office had done). I would also like to emphasize that Dr. Anderson only performs a single FUT procedure at a time... yours!

Dr. Anderson recommended the FUT method based on our conversation and my wishes. In the end, I chose this method which is the still the gold standard even with the availability of FUE and other techniques. I also received PRP injections with the FUT. I felt at ease with him performing the procedure as his resume and experience speak for themselves. This leads me back to my opening statement.

The procedure went exactly as described and planned. I experienced essentially no pain throughout the procedure and was treated with respect and courtesy the entire day. His technical staff was experienced and very personable. I almost felt as though they worked with me in my emergency department. Dr. Anderson was there the entire time and performed a superb procedure and you could tell he absolutely enjoys his work! Almost 6 weeks have gone by. Though everyone experiences pain differently, I only had minimal discomfort early on. However, I haven't had any pain. The staff called to check on my progress at home a few days after the procedure. My sutures came out 2 weeks later. Things are going well 6 weeks in. I look forward to the final results of my decision and am more than happy with my choice of Ken Anderson. Thank you, my friend!

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