Follicles from the ARTAS® Robot before and after trimming

ARTAS hair transplant restoration-follicles

This is a photograph of follicles straight from the ARTAS® Robotic Hair Transplant system, and follicles after they have been properly trimmed and prepared for transplantation.  It is important to recognize that the ARTAS® robot is not like a car wash where you just stick a patient in and *presto* out come the grafts and there you go. Posted in GeneralTagged , , , , ,

Dudes Have Body Image Issues, Too

By Aimee Shirley
Women’s bodies are everywhere in the media. It seems like you can’t even buy a widget without having a bikini-clad blonde on the label. And you’ll find opinions abounding, from Twitter to Fox News, about the effect this has on our lives.

But we’re leaving out a whole half of our population from this conversation.Read more >