Hairline Revisions

Are you unhappy with your hairline?  A lot of women tend to think that their hairlines don’t complement their facial features or frame their face in a flattering way. Some women want to fix foreheads that might seem too high or broad, while other women tend feel like their low hairlines make their foreheads seem too small. Others want to reshape their widow’s peak, or reshape a hairline that recedes too much in the middle. That’s why the Anderson Hair Center offers hairline revisions, a type of hair transplant that allows a patient to reshape their hairlines in a way that’s perfect for them, and their uniquely beautiful characteristics.

The Aesthetics of Hairline Revision

Our surgeons will keep in mind your hair type, hair direction, hair color, hair flow, hair density, and your facial features when planning your new hairline. Our surgeons consider a hair transplant procedure as a work of art; they know that by carefully placing the right kinds of hairs in the right places, you can have a natural, beautiful hairline that frames your face in the most flattering way.

What Happens in a Hairline Revision?

In a hairline revision, your surgeon will use follicular unit excision (FUE) or the linear hair transplantation method (FUT) to reshape your hairline. Follicular unit excision is a hair transplant method that extracts hair one follicular unit at a time, while the linear hair method extracts them in strips. You have options when it comes to your hairline revision, so that you and your surgeon can decide on what procedure will work best for you.

Transgender Hairline Revision

Interestingly enough, different biological sexes actually tend to have different hairlines. For one thing, male hairlines tend to have an M shape, with high corners and a slight dip in the middle. For women, their hairlines tend to be shaped like an upside down U, and are softer and rounder than male hairlines. Trans women also have the option of having a hairline revision for those who want to reverse a receding hairline.

At the Anderson Center for Hair, we offer hairline revisions for transgender men and women who want that little extra step in their journey to look like they’ve always wanted.

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