Feminization – Hair Restoration for Transgender Women

As hair transplant specialists, our surgeons have a unique perspective on the aesthetics of hair. They have a remarkable insight on the finer little details that makes features softer, more beautiful, and more feminine. For instance, did you know that male and female hairs grow in different directions? Our surgeons understand the impact a beautiful head of hair can have for a transgender woman; more importantly, they have the finesse, skill and experience to help you finally look like yourself. We know that hair feminization is more than a luxury; it’s a necessity.

Hairline Revision – Feminization

There are some common issues when it comes to dealing with MTF transgender hair restoration. For one thing, feminine hairlines tend to be rounder and softer than masculine hairlines; instead of an M shape, women’s hairlines tend to look more like an upturned U. Some MTF transgender individuals also experience a receding hairline from male pattern baldness, which has the unfortunate effect of making the patient seem more masculine and older.

For your transgender hairline revision, our surgeons will use either follicular unit excision, the linear method, or the ARTAS® robot system to help shape your hairline into a softer, more feminine version.

Our surgeons will also make sure that your hair feminization will balance out your other facial features, because they understand that looking beautiful is an essential part of looking feminine.

Transgender Hair Restoration

While estrogen hormone medication can slow down a receding hairline or thinning hair caused by male pattern baldness, it can’t really reverse it. Our surgeons’ hair transplant can, however, restore hair in a beautiful, natural-looking way.

Our surgeons’ skill and technique allows them to control the location, direction, and orientation of your follicles–making sure that your transgender hair restoration will look as natural and feminine as possible.

Transitioning as a transgender woman can be complex and stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. When planning your procedure, you’ll consult directly with our surgeons, not a representative. Your surgery will be the only procedure that your surgeon will complete that day. You’ll have his undivided attention, because our priority at The Anderson Center for Hair is your comfort and care.

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