Masculinization – FTM Transgender Hair Transplant

Dr. Anderson understands that in your journey to FTM transition, you want to look exactly how you feel. At the Anderson Center for Hair, we have hair transplant specialists that understand the subtle aesthetic differences between masculine and feminine hair. For one thing, did you know that male and female hairs tend to grown in different directions? Our surgeons will keep the most intricate details in mind when crafting your new, masculine look through a hair transplant. When it comes to becoming the person you’ve always wanted to be, you deserve only the most natural-looking, artistic results.

FTM Transgender Hairline Revision

One aesthetic difference between men and women are their hairlines; men tend to have hairlines that form an M shape, meaning it has high corners with a slight dip in the middle.

Using follicular unit excision, the linear method, or the ARTAS® robotic system, our surgeons can help FTM transgender patients turn their hairline into a more masculine one. Because of our surgeons’ advanced technique and surgical artistry, you’ll be sure that your hairline revision will look as natural and possible—with none of that artificial “doll hair” look commonly associated with hair transplants of the past.

Facial Masculinization – Transgender Hair Transplant

Facial hair growth: is there a bigger symbol of masculinity and virility? Recent celebrities and cultural trends have made beards and mustaches the most popular accessories for men. If you’re a transgender man, then you know that hormone treatments can help immensely with growing facial hair. Unfortunately, your facial hair might seem sparse and underdeveloped.

Thankfully, a hair transplant can give our FTM patients fuller, thicker looking facial hair, including eyebrows, beards, goatees, mustaches, and sideburns. Our surgeons will plan the transplants in a precise pattern, so that your facial hair will look as full and strong as possible.

Chest Hair Transplant for FTM

Are you a transgender man looking forward to having a hairy chest? One of the wonders of a hair transplant is that it works with body hair, too. You can get a hair transplant for your chest and finally join the 1970s hair revival happening right now! It’s not just aesthetics, either, a hairy chest can also be useful for covering unsightly scarring from top surgery.

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