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Rogaine or Not After Surgery

I had hair transplant 22 days ago. What shampoo should I use after surgery. Also should I use Rogaine or not?

Question: My doctor give me a special shampoo to use. It’s nearly finished. I done my surgery in Turkey, I tried emailing him but no answer. I am back in London UK. He said use any shampoo, I like my new hair. Question 1 What is a good shampoo that prevents my native hair from falling and for general washing. And then I have two options after finding a good shampoo. Option A Use the recommended shampoo without regaine. Option B Use normal baby shampoo and use regaine. Thank you

– ali.faraj

Dr. Anderson Answers: 

Dear ali.faraj,

Thank you for posting this question. It is unfortunate that you are driven to an open forum for basic post-operative questions about your surgery, and that your surgeon is ignoring your emails. I would like to say I am surprised by that, but particularly in the areas of the world where steep discounts are offered on this procedure, I am not surprised at all. To directly answer your question, you can use any shampoo you want after 22 days. The wounds are healed at this time, and your choice of shampoo will not affect the outcome of the surgery. Also, you can use Rogaine if you choose to at this time. I hope this information is helpful to you.