Surgical Procedures

ARTAS®: Robot-Assisted Hair Restoration Surgery

The Anderson Center for Hair was the first practice, and for several years the only hair restoration practice in Georgia, to offer the very latest in cutting-edge transplant technology, the ARTAS® Robotic System. The ARTAS® Robotic System is a state-of-the-art, surgeon-controlled medical device that performs the follicular unit excision portion of a Follicular Unit...

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How does hair transplantation with the ARTAS® Robot Assisted FUE System work? Under the control Dr. Anderson, the ARTAS System utilizes its robotic arm and sophisticated digital imaging to harvest follicular units from a patient’s donor area (the back and sides of the head where the “permanent” hair is). Every 20 milliseconds...

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Linear Method

Each person has different sized follicles, so Dr. Anderson calibrates the recipient site instrument to the exact size of your individual hair follicle size. As these recipient sites will determine the pattern and direction of the new hair growth, this very critical step is only performed by Dr. Anderson.

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