I am a 45 year old male with thinning hair from the crown to the front of my head.

This is my second procedure with Dr. Anderson. 

The 1st was in 2006, and that was more of a preventive procedure. At the time of the 1st procedure Dr. Anderson indicated that I would need approximately 1200-1500 grafts. During the procedure, he noted that hair loss was not as severe as he initially thought and he chose to implant 700-900. Imagine my surprise when the following week I received a call by Dr Anderson to tell me he would refund a portion of the $7,000 that I spent to engage him for the procedure. A week later I received a check for around $3,000. Trust factor established.

The procedure itself was not painful and closely monitored by multiple medical professionals (i.e nurses, etc..) Over the next 12 months I was very happy to note that the areas which were transplanted came in just as expected. Then over the next 8 years I basically did nothing. I suspect I could have prevented some hair loss, but I got lazy. This time we went with 2500 grafts and the procedure was just as smooth. Its been 2 weeks since the procedure and I can already tell that the transplant areas are much more dense. It should also be noted that the scarring was minimal the 1st time and I have no reason to think this time will be any different. I suspect the Doctors training as an actual plastic surgeon was helpful. As I understand it there are very few hair transplant doctors in the Atlanta area that are actually plastic surgeons. I was surprised to learn this. I would emphasize that my experience was honestly… very, very good. Do your homework, but make sure you throw Doc Anderson in the mix. Hes a good one.