Dr. Anderson explained the entire history of hair transplantation to me in a way that helped me understand how the technology has arrived where it is today.

He and his staff were not only cordial but chatty and I felt very comfortable.

I started losing my hair at age 30. At first I thought it was a fluke, possibly related to something I was doing…using the wrong shampoo, Retin-A getting on my scalp etc.. Within a few months I realized I was experiencing typical male pattern baldness. I wasn’t the type to do a comb-over so I began cutting my hair shorter to accommodate. Before long I stopped recognizing the person I saw in the mirror. I looked so much older than I felt. That’s when I started researching my options. I tried every medication available but the results were disappointing and I gave up on them. I began to research surgical options. As a physician myself I knew I had to do my homework. After months of research I decided to visit Dr. Ken Anderson. He was 400 miles from where I lived but I thought his credentials were outstanding. His background in art, especially medical illustration, helped me realize that I found the right surgeon. He told me I would need 2 procedures to achieve the result I was looking for. After the first procedure my hair slowly grew in over 6 months and by a year the results were excellent.

I decided to have the second procedure to increase the density along my part line, even though my friends and family didn’t think I needed it. I just had the second procedure 6 days ago. I would say my experience was almost painless (the only minor discomfort I experienced was with the initial injection of local anesthetic). A few hours later I had a mild headache buy this was easily controlled with two doses of Tylenol #3. The next morning I have no pain and minimal swelling. I did have mild swelling around the eyes on days 3 and 4 after both procedures but not significant enough to prevent regular activities (we went to a Christmas eve party for example and nobody noticed). I will post some more pictures when the second procedure shows its full effect. So far, I couldn’t be happier. The signs of surgery are gone within 5-7 days and the growth of the new follicles is gradual. The results are so natural that my colleagues at work can’t figure out what I did. They assume I’m on medication for hair loss.