Dr. Ken is an exceptional surgeon.

Dr. Ken is an exceptional surgeon. So good in fact that the surgeon who removed my stitches in Hong Kong after my procedure said “You must have paid a ton for this procedure, the surgeon did a fantastic job.

I am 38 years old and living in Hong Kong. I decided it was time to seek help with my hair loss after my wife shared her concerns with the speed of my hairline recession and scalp visibility. I visited my local physician and she prescribed Propecia and Rogaine. I started on both, but found through research that given my age, this was not likely to reverse the hair loss I’d already experienced; rather, it would slow the additional loss. As such, I decided to undergo hair restoration surgery to try to regain some of my frontal hairline as well as to thicken the hair on my scalp.

I am from the U.S. and so began researching surgeons in the States. I wanted a surgeon who was very knowledgeable, experienced in this specific field, and certified in plastic surgery – given I had heard that many doctors entered the field without proper experience or cosmetic surgery skills. I found Dr. Anderson through reviews and decided to meet him via Skype for a consultation. Firstly, I spoke with his staff and through two separate conversations found them to be really knowledgeable and professional. I then had a virtual consult with Dr. Ken and both me and my wife asked a lot of questions. He was awesome – really patient and enthusiastic about explaining the details of how hair grows and recedes – and how the different hair treatments work. I felt comfortable with going forward with surgery at Dr. Ken’s clinic and so, on my next visit home to the States, visited Atlanta for 4 days to undergo the surgery.

From the time I arrived at Dr. Ken’s clinic until know – two months later – the experience has been excellent. The clinic is in a nice neighborhood outside Atlanta. Its very comfortable – well done with a with a cool sports-car theme – even the surgery chair is designed to look like the passenger seat in a Porsche. The staff is great – really warm and patient. Dr. Ken met me at 7 am when I arrived and took me through the whole procedure. I’m not a big fan of surgery, so he was cool with explaining things a few times just so I knew how the day would go. When we started, Dr. Ken popped on the iPod and allowed me to choose the station – it was very casual throughout the process.

Surprisingly, I didn’t feel a thing for most of it, despite fairly significant surgical work going on. I was sedated well but still able to laugh at some of Dr. Ken’s humor. The nurses were also really nice and helpful whenever I needed something. Lunch was bought in at ‘half-time’ and then we were done by 4 pm.

Recovery took a few days. Sleeping in a reclined position was hard for me, but after a few days, I was able to go back to normal sleep. Within a week, I looked normal and was back to work. It has been 6 weeks since the procedure and I feel great. My hair grafts are already starting to grow in. My stitches came out very easily and the “donor area” – the only place where there is a visible scar – is healing quickly and looks as though it will be fully clear within a month.

Great experience and I would strongly recommend Dr. Ken and team.