As a professional athlete it’s important to always look your best

As a professional athlete it’s important to always look your best. When I started noticing my hair beginning to thin and fall out I panicked and began to lose my self confidence and self esteem. I couldn’t imagine wearing a hat the rest of my life, so I looked into what type of options I had out there.

In my search I came upon Dr. Ken Anderson a specialist in the field of hair restoration. I made an appointment, went to his office and consulted with him and his staff about the options I had. Dr. Anderson and his team were truly the most knowledgeable people I had ever talked to about my issue. I knew my problem was going to continue if I didn’t make the decision to act soon and address the problem.

Most people wait until most of their hair is gone before they decide to address it, I wanted to address it right away after speaking to Dr. Anderson.

I made the appointment to get started in 3 weeks and all I can say is, it was a life changing decision. Being a professional athlete takes skill and great hands, Dr. Anderson has that skill and great hands in his profession which is why I would never ever consider anyone other than Dr. Anderson to deal with hair loss.

When it comes to hair restoration, if your like me, you want the best The Anderson Center for Hair.

Today I could not be happier with the results, everything we discussed was exactly as he said. I look better, feel better, but more importantly I have my hair back, don’t wait, that’s the best advice I can give you…


—Kurt Walker