Procedure Day

We want your procedure day to be a relaxed and comfortable one. You will meet with your surgeon in the morning to review the plan for your hair restoration procedure together. You will be given a light sedative for the day to relax you. Because of this you will need a ride home from your procedure, or we can arrange for private car transportation back to your hotel. Most patients nap for much of the time during the hair restoration procedure. You’ll eat a catered lunch, and can continue napping or watch a DVD on a flat screen TV in our specially equipped procedure room. Your surgeon will perform all of the anesthesia with a tiny syringe on your scalp using a neural distraction technique to minimize any discomfort from the anesthesia, or “numbing” of the scalp. Throughout the entire hair restoration procedure, your scalp will be completely numb from pain; there is nothing to “tough through” at any portion of the day.

After the Hair Restoration Procedure

Hair restoration surgery is not a medically intensive procedure. You will feel awake and relaxed as you leave the clinic. In the days following the procedure, you will have a small amount of wound care to perform, using the materials given to you on your procedure day. Our Center will provide you will all the post-procedure items for proper care of your new hair, as well as a call the next day to make sure you are comfortable and to answer any questions you may have about the Post-Procedure Instructions that you will be provided with. Minimal downtime is required; many patients return to work less than a week following the hair restoration procedure and resume a full exercise regimen within 14 days. The transplanted area will have some redness that will last for 7 to 10 days, depending on your skin. You are able to wear a brand new, clean baseball cap or other hat during this time of redness. Depending on how much hair you have around the transplanted area, you may be able to camouflage the transplanted area with little effort, and hide any visual evidence of the procedure having been done.

Hair Growth

Unlike some other cosmetic surgery procedures, the results are not immediately apparent following a hair restoration procedure. There is a “dormant” phase that occurs as the new hair follicles heal into their new location on your scalp. The transplanted hair starts to grow approximately 3 months after your procedure. Notably, the new hair does not all grow in at once. In a way, each hair is on its own schedule in terms of growth. Roughly 20% of the new hair will start to grow between month 2 and 4 following the procedure, and about 60% of the new hair will start its growth between month 4 and 8. It varies from patient to patient, but the remainder of the new hair will start growing somewhere between 8 to12 months after the procedure.

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