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By: Anderson Center for Hair


Anderson Center for Hair Receives Platinum Designation from ARTAS®TM Robotic Hair Restoration

Dr. Ken Anderson is honored to have recently received a platinum designation from ARTASTM Robotic Hair Restoration for his outstanding achievements in hair restoration surgery. Dr. Anderson’s state-of-the-art practice, Anderson Center for Hair, is currently one of only 10 platinum centers in the entire United States. Read on below to discover the importance of this designation, and what it means for patients seeking hair restoration in the Atlanta area.

Importance of Platinum Designation

When considering hair restoration surgery, many patients don’t know what exactly to look for or how to narrow down their options. But when you see the platinum ARTASTM seal, you can be confident that your hair restoration center has the necessary skills and experience to produce the best results possible.

Platinum is the highest distinction recognized by ARTASTM Robotic Hair Restoration, setting Dr. Anderson’s practice apart from the competitors. In order to achieve platinum status, a provider must transplant at least 30,000 follicles per quarter, which is around 10,000 follicles or more every month. This incredible achievement makes Anderson Center for Hair a national leader in robotic hair restoration.

Since 2004, Dr. Anderson has combined his skills, experience, and artistry to beautifully restore hair in both men and women. He is proud to offer the most cutting-edge technology for people suffering from hair loss, and his recent platinum designation speaks to his level of commitment to patients.

About ARTASTM Robotic Hair Restoration

ARTASTM Robotic Hair Restoration combines follicular unit excision (FUE) with advanced robotic technology for optimal results. During the procedure, the image-guided robotic arm harvests follicular units from the patient’s donor area. These follicular units are then stored and later implanted onto the area suffering from hair loss, producing natural-looking regrowth.

Traditional hair restoration methods like “strip surgery” rely on surgically removing a strip of skin from the patient’s head. Afterward, the skin is grafted on the transplant areas. Because traditional procedures like these are more invasive, they are often more painful for the patient and require a longer recovery period. ARTASTM Robotic Hair Restoration is not only more precise, but it results in less discomfort for the patient.

Benefits of ARTASTM Robotic Hair Restoration include the following:

  • Minimally invasive
  • No scalpels required
  • No stitches needed and no visible linear scars
  • Highly precise
  • New hair grows in gradually for a natural appearance

If you’ve been considering hair restoration surgery, Dr. Ken Anderson would be happy to discuss your options. Call (404) 256-4247 to schedule your personal consultation for ARTASTM Robotic Hair Restoration.