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By: Anderson Center for Hair


Dr. Ken Anderson Appointed as Adjunct Professor of Dermatology at Emory University School of Medicine

Drs. Ken Anderson has been honored among the top 25 hair transplant surgeons in the world for the year 2023, as highlighted by a leading consumer group in the United Kingdom and published on the esteemed Ape to Gentleman website.

This year marks the fifth consecutive year that Dr. Anderson, founder and visionary behind the Anderson Center for Hair, has received this accolade since the list’s creation in 2019. It is a testament to his unparalleled expertise and unwavering commitment to the art and science of hair restoration. Dr. Anderson’s recognition places him among a select group of 11 surgeons from the United States, showcasing his outstanding contributions alongside other esteemed professionals from the UK, Belgium, Spain, the Netherlands, Turkey, India, Portugal, Italy, Lebanon, and Thailand.

The importance of this recognition extends far beyond individual accolades. It serves as a critical guide for those navigating the complex landscape of hair loss treatment, providing a beacon of hope and clarity. The Ape to Gentleman article itself has played a pivotal role in educating countless individuals on the importance of choosing the right surgeon, highlighting the need for thorough research, ethical practice, and a commitment to patient safety.

In a time when the hair transplant industry faces challenges with standards in patient safety, as noted by Joe Tillman of Hair Transplant Mentor, the consistent acknowledgment of Dr. Anderson and the inclusion of Dr. Lee is a reiteration of our center’s dedication to excellence. Our surgeons not only meet but exceed the rigorous standards expected by authorities in the field, ensuring that every patient’s journey is rooted in trust, safety, and exceptional outcomes.

This dual recognition is a reflection of the Anderson Center for Hair’s holistic approach to patient care, from the initial consultation through post-operative follow-up. For those considering hair transplant surgery, it reaffirms that choosing the Anderson Center for Hair means opting for a level of care and expertise acknowledged by international standards.

We invite you to read more about Dr. Anderson, Dr. Lee, and the other top surgeons in the full Ape to Gentleman article, available here.