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By: Anderson Center for Hair


Anderson Center for Hair is the leading hair restoration practice and hair surgery center in Atlanta

Dr. Ken Anderson of Anderson Center for Hair was featured in an eHealth Radio podcast speaking about regrowing hair with ARTAS.

Founder and Director of the Anderson Center for Hair Dr. Ken Anderson, hair transplant surgeon in Atlanta, GA,was recently interviewed by host Eric Michaels of eHealth Radio and the Plastic Surgery Information and Skin Care Channels to discuss ARTAS robotic hair restoration.

The ARTAS Robotic System is a tool Dr. Anderson uses to perform efficient, precise follicular unit extraction (FUE) procedures with unparalleled accuracy. This method of hair restoration allows Dr. Anderson to remove the hair for transplantation from the donor area without using a scalpel, or creating any linear scarring, a telltale sign that a linear strip type of hair restoration procedure has been performed. The recovery time is significantly shortened and noticeably more comfortable.

During the 14-minute interview, Dr.Andersonprovides a brief overview of what ARTAS is and what he recommends for someone who is considering robotic hair restoration. He explains the reasons why someone would undergo robotic hair restoration and other procedures that can treat hair loss. He details the ARTAS procedure, recovery and complications associated. The ARTAS podcast can be found on the Anderson Center for Hair’s blog.