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Dr. Anderson Included as One of The World’s Top 20 Hair Transplant Surgeons

“All hair transplant surgeons are created equal, right? Wrong.” – Spencer ‘Spex’ Stevenson

Dr. Anderson is proud to have been named on Spex’s Top 20 which includes the best Hair Restoration Surgeons in the world.

Spex has been known to hair loss sufferers throughout the world for 10+ years as a wealth of resources, research, valuable information, and experienced advice from an industry veteran who has tried it all. When describing the rationale behind why the list is so important he says, “Things are messy out there. In the last 10 years or so, there’s been an explosion of activity in the industry and dime-a-dozen operators have sprung up all over the world. It seems anyone can slip into a pair of gloves, grab a scalpel and start hacking away at some poor guy’s scalp.”

It’s true. With lower barriers to entry than ever, it’s important to really do your research and know who is working on your hair. That’s where Spex comes in. No joke, he has undergone thirteen hair transplant surgeries. Yes, thirteen. He knows his stuff and it’s truly his passion to help people cope with hair loss and make the best decisions for them regarding hair restoration.

Once you narrow your doctors by competency, you also have to take into account the aesthetic style and artistic abilities to make sure they meet your expectations. Dr. Anderson is the right doctor for men and women who want a natural look that “flys under the radar.” His hairline design is sought after by patients who want to turn the clock back and still feel age appropriate.

“I like to remind patients that hair restoration is permanent. That can be the best part about your surgery…or it can be the worst part!” – Dr. Anderson

“I like to remind patients that hair restoration is permanent. That can be the best part about your surgery, if you choose a doctor that is both medically and artistically qualified for the job, or it can be the worst part! No one wants to look like they have doll hair growing out in rows and be stuck with it forever.”

Spex not only talks about horror stories of surgeries gone wrong and how not to end up in the same situation, but also provides advice and consulting services on his site about how to differentiate between the good and the great.

“I’ve done my time in the trenches. I’ve researched, read, visited, spoken to and met with a lot of hair transplant surgeons, and seen their practices up close.” Says Spex, talking about Spex’s Top 20. “All the doctors listed here are, in my opinion, highly skilled and worth consulting with directly. They will provide you with an honest appraisal and, most importantly, they will tell you what you need to hear, not necessarily what you want to hear.”

Hair restoration surgery isn’t for everyone that comes to visit Dr. Anderson, and he’ll be the first to tell them. It’s important that each patient understand the cause of their hair loss, create a plan for dealing with ongoing loss, and honestly evaluate how much of a difference surgery could make for their look before committing to a procedure.

On the criteria for being on Spex’s Top 20, Spex explained, “A crucial element of my recommendations is that all the doctors listed below support the message conveyed by the relevant standards and authorities in the field. These guys care about the industry and its ethics, integrity and quality of treatment based on what I’m privy to and know of them after 15 years working daily in this field.”

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