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By: Anderson Center for Hair


Drs. Ken Anderson and Jeremy Wetzel Welcome Dr. Latrice Hogue at Flagship Alpharetta Surgical Center

Anderson Center for Hair had the pleasure of hosting Dr. Latrice Hogue, MD, a distinguished senior resident physician from the Department of Dermatology at Emory University School of Medicine. This visit is a cornerstone of the enriching partnership between the Anderson Center for Hair and Emory University, aimed at nurturing educational growth and enhancing the practical skills of the next wave of dermatologists in the specialized field of hair restoration surgery.

Dr. Ken Anderson, the founder of the Anderson Center for Hair and an Adjunct Clinical Professor of Dermatology at Emory, spearheads the center’s initiative to welcome visiting residents from Emory’s renowned Department of Dermatology. Driven by a profound passion for education and a commitment to molding the future leaders in healthcare, Dr. Anderson facilitates these visits to promote a deep understanding of hair restoration surgery among physicians and surgeons. “We love to educate physicians and surgeons about hair restoration surgery,” Dr. Anderson states, highlighting the critical role of experiential learning and mentorship in the medical profession.

Throughout her day at the center, Dr. Hogue was immersed in the practice of hair restoration techniques, engaging directly with patients and observing some of the most advanced techniques in the field. This hands-on experience offered her unique insights into both the technical and interpersonal dimensions of treating hair loss, equipping her with the knowledge and confidence to incorporate these innovative solutions into her future practice.

The collaboration between Anderson Center for Hair and the Department of Dermatology at Emory University is instrumental in bridging the gap between dermatological care and specialized hair restoration surgery. It fosters a learning environment that not only enhances the professional development of participating residents but also promises to elevate the level of patient care within the industry.

Anderson Center for Hair champions both clinical excellence and educational leadership. By hosting emerging talents like Dr. Hogue, the center underscores its dedication to refining hair restoration methods and supporting the professional growth of upcoming medical practitioners.