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By: Anderson Center for Hair


Follicles from the ARTAS Robot before and after trimming
Patient had an ARTAS hair transplant procedure by Dr. Ken Anderson at the Anderson Center for Hair; Hair transplant; hair restoration; hair loss; ARTAS; NeoGraft; stem cells; PRP; ACell; Anderson; hairishot; regrow; ISHRS; balding; atlantahairsurgeon; IAHRS; baldtruthtalk; hair; hairloss; FUE; follicular unit excision; best

This is a photograph of follicles straight from the ARTAS® Robotic Hair Transplant system, and follicles after they have been properly trimmed and prepared for transplantation.  It is important to recognize that the ARTAS® robot is not like a car wash where you just stick a patient in and *presto* out come the grafts and there you go. It’s simply a tool. Like a paintbrush. No tool can guarantee good or even acceptable results, no more than any given paintbrush is going to result in the most beautiful paintings. It’s the skill, talent, dedication and experience of the person using the tool. In this case it’s an entire surgical team working in concert to provide the most optimal results for every single patient.