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By: Anderson Center for Hair


Anderson Center for Hair is the leading hair restoration practice and hair surgery center in Atlanta

World-renowned hair transplant center, Anderson Center for Hair, receives the award as the #1 Hair Restoration practice in Atlanta, Georgia

Anderson Center for Hair, a world-renowned hair transplant center in Atlanta, Georgia, is pleased to announce their latest win of the recent “Best of 2016” contest by Best Self Atlanta magazine. This is excitingnews for the Anderson Center for Hair as this is the third time in a row that the company has been hailed as the #1 Hair Restoration practice in Atlanta. They received the distinguished recognition first in 2014 and then in 2015.

In a month long poll held on the Best Self Atlanta’s website, peers, patients, and the Best Self Atlanta reader community were asked to vote on who their top brand of choice for different categories. Anderson Center for Hair was voted the number one choice for hair transplantation.

Best Self Atlanta is a monthly magazine that provides a wealth of information for individuals who want to reach their full potential. The magazine feature articles in a diverse array of topics, such as health, beauty, food, fitness, lifestyle, and wellness all dedicated to self-improvement.