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Anderson Center for Hair is the leading hair restoration practice and hair surgery center in Atlanta

Dr. Anderson, Dr. Lee, and the entire team at the Anderson Center for Hair & Aesthetics strive to provide patients with transformative treatments, so we’re thrilled and humbled that our surgeons have made the “The Best Hair Transplant Doctors in The World Today” list this year. The list is entitled “The Best Hair Transplant Doctors in The World Today: 2022 Edition” on the website ApetoGentleman.

“The hair loss industry preys on your vulnerability and isolation,” says Spex on his website. The fact that the industry is littered with less-than-honorable practitioners is part of why it’s so important that Spex provides resources for consumers to be able to make decisions based on facts and honesty.

Spex only includes doctors on his list that he would personally go to and would feel comfortable referring his best friend. Doctors must adhere to best practices and appropriate medical standards of care. Ethical patient care, quality results, and proof that each doctor puts patients before profits is also a requirement for inclusion in this impressive list.

Here’s the announcement video from Spex himself:

Dr. Ken Anderson is a Top Hair Restoration Surgeon… Again!

We are very pleased to announce that Dr. Anderson has once again been featured on Spencer Stevenson’s list of the top hair transplant surgeons in the world! It’s one thing to make the list once, but to be recognized over and over again is a testament to Dr. Anderson’s passion for hair restoration and the treatment of hair loss.

Check out this interview with Spex and our very own Dr. Anderson of the Anderson Center for Hair:

About Spencer Stevenson (aka Spex) and his list of the Best Hair Transplant Doctors

Spencer, also known as ‘Spex’ or ‘Spex Hair’ is an advocate for hair loss sufferers who want to do something to stop hair loss. He has extensive experience with his own hair loss treatments – in fact he’s had multiple hair restoration procedures – and he shares his knowledge and lessons learned with people who have hair loss and today’s hair restoration consumers. You’d think it would be an easy task, but as Spex explains, not all hair restoration surgeons or hair restoration clinics are created equal. Spex’s long history of being a trusted voice in the hair loss and hair restoration industry gives him a unique perspective and credibility.

You can check more of Spex’s commentary on The Bald Truth and see his updated 2022 article here. You can also contact Spex directly at SpexHair for recommendations or questions. Finally, to schedule a consultation with one of our surgeons, click here.