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By: Anderson Center for Hair


Hair Restoration Surgeons meet at ISHRS World Congress for ABHRS Board Exams

Contributions to the advancement of the art and science of hair restoration

The 27th World Congress and World Live Surgery Workshop of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery has just concluded in Bangkok, Thailand. Individuals from all over the world have traveled to this meeting to learn more about the art and science of hair restoration from fellow physicians.

If you are not familiar with the ISHRS it is an international medical society comprised of members from 70 different countries. Dr. Ken Anderson is a proud member of the ISHRS who practice here in Atlanta at the Anderson Center for Hair. Both surgeons exclusively treat hair loss for men and women from around the country and as well as from out of the country occasionally. The mission of the ISHRS is to “to achieving excellence in medical and surgical outcomes by promoting member education, international collegiality, research, ethics, and public awareness.”

The mission of the ISHRS is very close to Dr. Anderson’s heart. Having practiced exclusively hair restoration surgery for over 15 years, this facial plastic surgeon has seen everything the field has to offer – the good and the not so good. Dr. Anderson is passionate about educating patients about their options and helping them to understand accurate expectations, as well as helping train other physicians in the nuances of hair restoration surgery to provide better care to all hair restoration patients, and most importantly help protect patients from dangerous practitioners and tragic results. I am certain if you have ever Googled hair restoration and clicked on the images you have seen something you would prefer to not have. Many of these less than desirable results with unnatural hairlines, obvious graft placement or noticeable scars are due to the fact that someone under-trained performed a procedure they did not sufficiently understand. Dr. Anderson strives to be a part of the change in this field of medicine so the days of devastating results and unqualified individuals performing these procedures are behind us.

Not only is Dr. Anderson a Fellow of the ISHRS, which is the highest level of membership you can attain, he is also a member of the Examination Board of The American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery. The board examination for the ABHRS is performed at the annual ISHRS meeting. The ABHRS is currently the only board certification dedicated to the specialty field of hair restoration in the world. In October of 2019, Dr. Anderson flew to Chicago with a handful of other leaders in the field of hair restoration to prepare for the upcoming board exam. Together these physicians devised questions and scenarios for the exam that would test the applicants’ understanding of both the surgical and aesthetic aspects of hair restoration. Physicians who successfully complete the exam portion of the certification process will be considered Diplomates of the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery and have exhibited a thorough understanding of hair loss, surgical hair restoration techniques, and aesthetic skill.

As the field of hair restoration continues to move out of the unmentioned shadows of cosmetic surgery and into the mainstream, physicians like Dr. Anderson and organizations like the ISHRS and ABHRS are helping to establish oversight, qualification requirements and standards of care to improve the outcomes for patients around the world.