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Seeing is Believing: Hairline PRP for Women

Actual Patient Photos. NOT Retouched.
Three rounds of PRP injections on July 3, September 10, and December 7, 2018

Have you heard of the “Vampire Facial” as made famous by the likes of Kim Kardashian? At our med spa, Anderson Aesthetics, we call it the “Liquid Gold Facial” because it uses platelets from your own blood to help give you a glowy complexion. The great news for women experiencing thinning along the hairline is that there’s a similar treatment for hair loss!

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) has been used for years in medicine, especially for joints and teeth where there tends to be less blood flow.

“Over the last several years we’ve really honed in on using PRP to help give miniaturized hair follicles a fighting chance to produce bigger and better hair shafts, or at a minimum, slow or stop continuing hair loss. Our blood is made of red blood cells and plasma. We use a centrifuge to remove the red blood cells, allowing us to inject just the white blood cells and platelets, which are full of growth factors.”

Dr. Anderson, Anderson Center for Hair

It might sound intimidating, but there’s no real risk associated with PRP. At the Anderson Center for Hair, we wash your scalp thoroughly to minimize the risk of infection, and we use a cryo-cooler to numb the scalp before injecting, to minimize pain. The entire visit takes about 45 minutes, but the injections take less than 5 minutes.

The vast majority of patients have no downtime. Bruising and swelling could occur, but it’s unlikely. In the event there is any discomfort afterward, Dr. Anderson recommends Tylenol.