ARTAS®: Robot-Assisted Hair Restoration Surgery


The Anderson Center for Hair was the first practice, and for several years the only hair restoration practice in Georgia, to offer the very latest in cutting-edge transplant technology, the ARTAS® Robotic System. The ARTAS® Robotic System is a state-of-the-art, surgeon-controlled medical device that performs the follicular unit excision portion of a Follicular Unit Excision (FUE) procedure safely and with robotic precision. We are now the first and again the only practice in Georgia to offer the newest iX ARTAS® Robotic System.

FUE is an advanced type of hair transplant procedure that removes and implants hair follicles one by one. Prior to the ARTAS® Robotic System, an FUE hair transplant was usually done manually, in an incredibly painstaking process.  Until now, all FUE hair transplantation methods were performed by hand, so FUE hair transplants were often rife with variability and human error.

ARTAS_TargetTechnologyWith the ARTAS® Robotic System, your surgeon will be able to administer a hair transplant without any linear scarring, using no scalpels, no stitches, with a dramatically shorter recovery period than for patients who received a traditional linear strip method hair restoration.

The ARTAS® Robotic System is a revolutionary piece of surgical equipment that was honored with the Gold Medal at the 26th Edison Awards, the international awards ceremony honoring innovators and innovation.

How The ARTAS® Robotic System Works

The ARTAS® Robotic System is a tool used to perform efficient, precise follicular unit excision (FUE) procedures with unparalleled accuracy.  This method allows your surgeon to remove the hair for transplantation from the donor area without using a scalpel, or creating any linear scarring—a telltale sign that a traditional linear strip type of hair transplantation has been performed.  The ARTAS® Robotic System also allows for very short hairstyles, which is a well-known limitation of the traditional linear hair transplant procedures.  With the ARTAS® Robotic System, the recovery time is significantly shortened, with noticeably less discomfort, and with less physical restrictions that following a traditional linear strip hair transplant procedure.

ARTAS User Interface Small

  • The ARTAS® Robotic FUE System scans and digitizes a small area of the scalp to identify and track each hair using complex software algorithms, and custom, stereoscopic surgical cameras.
  • Updating coordinates every 20 milliseconds, the ARTAS® System’s image-guided robotics harvests follicular units for transplant with micron-level precision. Each follicle is selectively harvested with minimal trauma to the surrounding skin to maintain the look of your donor area, with no linear scar that is associated with traditional linear strip techniques.
  • Your surgeon will find sites for implantation in areas of your scalp that are lacking hair, carefully making each site individually to create as natural a pattern as possible, following the angles of your own hair, and creating permanent, natural hairlines. The follicles are gently implanted into the recipient sites individually.
  • You can return to work a few days after your ARTAS® Robot System procedure, and keep an active lifestyle without worrying if anyone will notice. There are no sutures, stitches, or staples to remove, and the tiny wounds created with the FUE procedure heal quickly.
  • With ARTAS®, you will start to see the results in three to four months, with results and hair density improving until eight to 12 months following a procedure. We are always available for graft-check appointments as your new hair grows in.

Upgrade Your Hair Transplant with the ARTAS® Robotic System

Anderson Center for Hair is fully committed to using only the most cutting-edge technology and techniques for your hair transplant. The Anderson Center is currently operating with the latest hardware and software updates for the ARTAS® Robotic System: the ARTAS® 8X. The 8X upgrade has many new features to improve patient experience and increase the precision and accuracy of your ARTAS® procedure:

  • New touchscreen improves surgeon workflow
  • Improved image processing for visualizing the scalp
  • Updated ARTAS® system algorithm for a more accurate hair transplant
  • The tool can now accommodate lower angles, making it more comfortable for the patient
  • Easier to build a 3D model of the patient’s head to visualize the procedure
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